Monday, 16 March 2020

So why do we date?

So why do we date?

On this planet, we all as humankind engaging in the mating habit. Most of the animals hook with their opposite sex to breed. They are participating in this process actually for reproducing their species, but we cannot imagine seducing bonds that tie them. This part is not fair for all animals; some animal species are out of this. A small percentage of that type of species does mating for their life with sentimental bonds.

Photo by Roman Purtov on Unsplash

Of course, most of you may realize that as humans, all the animals have they are mating rituals. You have seen some male birds flaunt their plumages to attract their female. It is not only for dating, but also seduction is there.

  Due to seduction, we tend to date. Humans take a somewhat longer time to get the desired result in dating. Though humans are continuing dating, there is a specific time of the year for animals to engage in their dating and seduction. Apart from humans, all the animals without dolphins and some primates do dating for continuing their species but not for their pleasure. Actually, for most animals, it is the key to surviving as species.

Photo by Szabo Viktor on Unsplash

Think for a moment. As humans, we all are engaged in dating or seduction rituals for an unexpected level. Always we tend to impress someone since we like them very much and want to show our best for seduction by doing all the dating tricks and patterns than others.
So why do we date?

Dating is for especially impressing someone that we love. Of course, that's why the time and money are spent on that much.
Through this dating, we able to continue human species. Is it for that? I don't suppose so. Only a few humans want their babies to carry their family name from one generation to another.
Is dating for fun? If we meet and attract new people, it's fun, and it introduces us to new ways of thinking and approaching people.
Why do we date is a hard question to answer. You have various answers, but my point is that dating is a part of making humans.

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