Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Online Date Guide

Online Date Guide

People have addicted to online dating and it works well. Of course, it is like a fish that is released to water. In general, women are horrifying to meet a man that she has been chatting with online. They have read and heard various scary experiences that have happened. Definitely, they have the right to be careful and protect themselves. That is not only wise but also very important. Therefore what is the duty of a nice guy? You have to show your truthfulness because you are not a sexual predator, a pervert or a libidinous person. You are actually a nice guy looking for "the" girl for you.

Photo by Oana Craciun on Unsplash

  • Chat with patient

You must be patient enough to chat with her. You should not aim to get her personal information like her real name or living place. Continue your conversations lightly and joyfully until she feels comfortable to talk with you online. Do not be hurry to meet her face to face. Otherwise, she will think that you are a weird or a pervert. So be patient and again be patient.

  • Never lies

The details about your physical appearance and the job should be completely accurate. A good relationship will never be built on lies and deceit. At last, you will be in an unresolvable situation, if she finds out the truth.

  • Send many photos

Actually, a photo can highly influence to someone than thousands of words.  To show your truthfulness, send many photos of yourself by taking them while you are doing day to day activities. Remember to take full body shots instead of headshots. Definitely, if you were dating a girl in the real situation, she also would not like to see the headshots.

  • Make her feel that she is very safe

Imagine that you are lucky to have a face to face discussion for the first time in a public place during day hours and she has come with a friend. Then you have nothing to hide if you have told her the truth about yourself and she has already seen your photos. The most important thing is to make her feel that she is very safe when you are there.


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