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Popular First Date Tips

Congratulations for you all. You have got the courage to ask special someone our, and they've said "yes". Now you have come to the real hard part. That is planning your first date.

I think this  situation will be agitated and nervous. You have to plan your date for having a great time and to show how much you're interested. But keep in mind that you also no need to look like you're trying too hard or investing a lot in something that may not work out.

To help to reduce your nervousness and to make an actual great date, I've turned out a research.

According to science, here's a detailed set of first date tips.

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1. Choose the Right First Date Location

The location that you select sets the tone for your date. Otherwise you already know what type of activities your date prefers,it's best pick a neutral, calm and quiet place where you can focus on getting know about each other and figure out how you connect well.

The last thing that you want to do is going to a nice restaurant and discover before your food has been brought out that you don't 'click' and it's not going to work. In this situation, you'll be stuck for the rest of the meal anyway. Can somebody say 'Awkward' ?

Trying a local bar or a hip new coffee shop is better than instead of dinner and a movie. The casual environment or the surrounding serves as a comfortable and more convenient place to engage in conversation without the pressure of dressing fancy or buying an expensive meal.

If you feels uncomfortable, you can leave just after the first drink or  it's better you hit it off and you are free to continue your date according to both of your preference.

As well as, the bustle of people around you is enough to make extroverts feel at home. Their brains flourish in busy environments without overwhelming introverts who prefer more intimate settings.

2. Prepare for an Engaging Conversation

If you are nervous or quiet, the most nerve wracking part of the first date is trying to engage in conversation with someone you barely know. Luckily, psychologists have discovered some keys to the perfect dating conversations.

Some studies reveal that if you're going on a date with a woman specially, you should forget the cheesy pick-up lines and decide for an attractive and fascinating conversation. Women tend to rate empty compliments and failed attempts at humour poorly. They attract mostly to dates which spark conversation topics that show they are intelligent, curious and cultured.
Don't you know how to do that?
One of the psychology professors in Northwestern University,  Dan McAdams studied what it takes to get to know about someone truly. He created a list of thirty six questions to help you to understand people on a deeper level.

These are there important ones to use on a first date:

Given the choice of anyone in the world, who would you want as a dinner guest?
What's your most treasured memory?
What would constitute a perfect day for you?
Feel free to change the phrasing of these. So they sound natural to you.

Actually, reciprocity is the key to a successful conversation in any context and it will help you to wow someone. When someone shares something or asks a question from you, always try to reply back by sharing a similar story or asking them the same question. It's courteous and keeps the conversation equal.

3. Get Your Mind Right

              Getting your mind right is one of the most important things to do before a date starts and before you leave the house. While you are unable to control compatibility or attraction,you can make sure you're mentally ready if they happen.

You have got your mind right before a date.

If we start our date with worthless or frustrated feelings, those will remain throughout the night. Actually no matter how much someone likes us and even shows us their feelings, it won't be enough to break through our own self doubt. That is why it's important to practice self-compassion before a date.

If the mere mention of self compassion made your eyes roll. It's easy to tell than doing. Sometimes it sounds too fluffy to be a worthy attempt. However it's been proven that practicing self-compassion can have an appreciable impact on our lives.

So, what do you mean by this when you are preparing for a big date? Practicing self-compassion facilitates you to obstruct contemplation on previous dating experiences that didn't go properly. That means you can realize that everyone is disappointed by dating and relationships sometimes. It means that any agitation or trepidation you feel prior to a date isn't a sign of something being wrong with you, but an understanding of feelings we all deal with time to time. Actually these experiences are the bonds that connect us all.

In other words, dating can be hard or  sometimes it can be painful. But the real hurtful aspect of dating isn't the experiences we endure and the way we internalize those experiences. Rather than blaming yourself, feeling unworthy or taking a pessimistic view of the future, there is the best thing to remember .When dating and relationships go right, it helps to change our lives instead of bad dating and bad relationships.

Allow yourself to expect the greatest thing and get ready for having fun.

4. Learn From the Past

If you had any hard time in the past due to bad dating experiences, aim on what you can learn from them instead of dwelling on the pessimism. Are you engaging in unkind or unfair behaviours during your previous dates? Have you anything that could have done to improve previous situations?

Eric Ravenscraft, writer at Lifehacker, could realize that he had enough strength to create better  and joyful experiences although he had too many bad dates. He reveals that learning to understand willingly and delightfully by yourself.

Have a look back at your previous dating experiences. What could they imply about you? Keep in mind, this is a chance to do some research to adopt your behaviours to the best level in your dating. No matter what happened in the past. Definitely you all have the strength to go forward to the maximum level.

5. Take a Deeper Look at How You Present Yourself

Understanding how others perceive you and the way you present yourself is more significant during and before a date. Actually the "before" stage is extremely crucial, if you are undertaking online dating.

Stylist Clinton Kelly and dating expert Devyn Simone address this every week on their show, Love at First Swipe. On the show they try to evaluate online profile of someone and allow the person to understand vibe they're giving off. More often than not, the person being profiled is shocked-never having understood that the vibe they are purposeful to give was nowhere near what people actually were receiving.

This situation is common and any person can face for this. According to the show, one of the best things to do is seeking outside help. Tell your companions to give their honest perception on your online profile or how you keep yourself together in real life situation and pay attention about the feedback. Why do you think they have the impression that they do? Why do you think that impression does or doesn't match up with what you intended? Why do you expect to give off the kind of impression you're going for and does it match with whom you really are on the inside.

It is important to keep in your mind that the entire picture your own will depend on the words you use to describe yourself in online, the pictures you post or the way you dress. So think again, is it possible to create your best counterpart properly through that picture?

6. Be Aware of Your Body Language

Having a deeper look at How you present yourself in the way of communicating both verbally and non-verbally. Actually your non-verbal things,  that means your body language and facial expressions are the most important thing of your communication.

In a real situation, sometimes it may happen out of your control - how can you aware of your body language and act natural? All it takes is catching negative body language. For example:

If you are interested in your dating, don't fold your arms. Tilt your head towards them and lean in. These are non-verbal actions that you can show your willingness of what they are telling and hearing more.

If you want to know whether your date is interested, look for similar behaviours. If their arms are crossed or their feet are facing away from you, it's better to change the topic.

Telling someone that you are not enough interested, you have to take an idea that your body is saying it too for them to internalize the message. If you want to send a positive vibe, let your body do the talking of you.

Three body language clues of attraction that work regardless of gender are given here.

A) Mirroring
 Mirroring is you elegantly copy the behaviours of the person you're with. If they shift or smile, you mirror those behaviours. A study by the Behavioural Science Institute in the Netherlands has revealed that we mimic the behaviours of the people who we attract more. Mirroring behaviours is a glorious way to unconsciously show them you're interested, if you struggle to express your feelings.

B) Fronting
Fronting is you face your entire body from head to toe towards your date. A research had revealed that unconsciously we point our toes in the direction we want to go. So, if your date stays engaging and pointing towards you, it's a considerable sign. But keep in mind that if their toes are aimed at the exit, they may not be having as good of a time as they appear to be.

C) Leaning
If you are standing against a bar or sitting across a table, your date leans towards to you and it's a clear sign to attract them and they will try to be closer to you. The opposite of this situation is also happened. That means when they sit far back in their chair or take a step back  from you, it shows their inconvenience with the conversation or environment.

Bonus Tip :  A fun study conducted by Purdue University found that sweet tastes make us feel more attractive. Likewise if you want to end your date with a powerful attraction, treat them with more lovable moments.


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